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Gloucester County Interactive Tourism Map

Gloucester County NJ News - August 25th, 2022

In an effort to help draw more attention to the amazing experiences South Jersey has to offer, The Gloucester County Board of Commissioners have launched the interactive Gloucester County Tourism Guide as part of their Economic Recovery Plan.

Gloucester County continues to expand on strategies for economic recovery and post-pandemic growth including opportunities to support the local tourism industry. The Gloucester County Commissioners understand that South Jersey has a wealth of valuable experiences and are devoted to help promote them.

“Gloucester County is not only rich in historical sites, it is home to some of the most beautiful parks, excellent selection of local restaurants, acclaimed wineries, breweries and agritourism experiences,” said Director Frank J. DiMarco. “By having all of this information in one organized and accessible website, we hope to bring even more residents and visitors to the small businesses and places we love in Gloucester County.”

The Gloucester County Tourism Guide is an interactive map with categorized experiences, such as: wineries & breweries, hotels, leisure activities, camping and the great outdoors, arts & entertainment, historical sites and colleges.

“Supporting our local businesses is a priority for the Board of Commissioners. Creating a tourism map that encompasses all of the great things to do in Gloucester County is a great way to bring people to our county so they can support our local economy and business owners,” said Deputy Director Heather Simmons.

Please contact the Gloucester County Department of Economic Development by calling (856) 384-6930 or if a tourism attraction was missed. This website will be updated regularly.

Source: The Sun Newspapers.“Gloucester County launches tourism guide website.” Gloucester County News. August 24th, 2022.

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